Whether you operate a small business or a mid-sized business, the company profit margin is always an important factor in decision-making. As businesses expand and see growth, they may realize the need for more enhanced customer care. Or they may notice they are lagging behind in that area. They have to choose between bringing on more employees to fill the gap and meet customer needs or outsource to a trusted inbound call center, like BPO American.

To make the best decision, you need to figure what will be most cost-effective. In other words, what is the true cost of outsourcing your inbound call center? To answer this question, it may be easier to ask what the true savings of outsourcing an inbound call center. By examining the costs and savings associated with an inbound call center, you can make a decision that will truly be cost-effective. Here are 4 questions to consider as you determine your course of action.

How much is your employee's time worth when they are pulled away from their regular function to answer the phone?

As you contemplate outsourcing your calls to a call center, the cost of your employee’s time is front and center. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage of an American worker who is age 25 – 54 is $40,000 - $50,000. This means if you have an employee who is making $45,000 annually as a digital marketing manager but they have to stop doing their job to answer multiple calls during the day, then they're not able to put all their time into the job. So, if they make $22 an hour but spend even one hour a day dealing with phone calls (and that's a low estimate), then you just paid $8030 during the year for them to do it. Now multiply that by how many employees are managing unnecessary calls. If you have 10 employees making the same wage, the cost is $80,300.

How much money are you losing on missed opportunities?

Aside from the savings of your employee's time, you have the fact that they can't be available all the time anyway. For example, they most likely leave somewhere around 5 pm each weeknight and probably don't work on weekends. However, customers may want services or help at inconvenient hours. Even if you have a website email set up for customers to contact you, it will take time for you to respond. This does not always satisfy some customers. Sometimes all customers need is to hear someone pick up the phone. The response to their call is enough to keep them content. Other times, new potential customers call and this is the call that can’t be missed. Missing their call is missing an opportunity. That's where call centers come into play making sure you don't lose the revenue that new customers bring.

How much time do you spend on customer service needs?

Does your company spend a lot of time on such things like scheduling, dispatching, or ordering? If so, then you may add that to your overall costs. Do you have employees who are hired to do other things take care of these tasks? Or are you considering hiring another full or part-time employee to manage these duties? How much per hour will you need to pay an employee to do this job? If you outsource to an inbound call center, you can trim that cost right off your budget.


 At BPO American, we help you cut costs by providing superior inbound call center services for your customers. Whether it's responding to calls 24/7 or handling scheduling, our agents are skilled in making sure your business receives the care it needs. For more information, contact ustoday!