Contact Center Technology and Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery planning includes a dedicated back up telephony server, off site virtual PBX and custom toll free and DID re-routing mechanisms in the rare event a phone line is severed preventing incoming calls to our facility.  


Telephony Redundancy

  • Availability guarantee of 99.99%

  • 24/7/365 network operations monitoring

  • Route calls to agents located anywhere in the world

  • Cloud delivery model means no hardware failures

Power Redundancy

Contact Center powered by natural gas Generac generator should power outages occur.

  • On site diesel storage can provide 24-72 hours run time: refueling via truck dependent on availability of fuel and infrastructure following an event (e.g. weather, crisis, etc).

  • Natural Gas pipeline can provide weeks to months of fuel.

  • Bi-Fuel generators (diesel/natural gas) extend run times from days to weeks by supplementing on-site fuel storage with natural gas.

  • MIT study for improving energy security recommended the use of natural gas and bi-fuel generation for defense facilities.

  • Natural Gas pipeline network is robust; historic outages are few.

  • Unlike diesel, natural gas has no fuel maintenance issues.

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Data Redundancy

  • Azure Site Recovery

  • Offsite data storage in the Azure and Caspio environments

  • Premise based SAN devices

  • Comprehensive business continuity plan