Inbound FAQ's

Do you charge per call or per minute?
We can do either. Most clients choose to pay per minute. However, if we are provided accurate historical call volume data we can provide a quote for price per call.
Am I provided a toll free number?
Yes, we can provide toll free numbers and break down the calls per number via our online reporting technology. This is especially useful for to test various marketing initiatives with multiple toll free numbers.
Are you PCI compliant?
Yes, we are certified PCI compliant.
Can I listen in remotely?
Yes, we can enable our clients to live monitor calls.
Can you design a specific database to meet my needs?
Yes, we use Intuit Quickbase as our database platform. The data is online and secure.
Are your agents US based?
Yes, all of our agents reside in the USA.
Do you have online reporting?
Yes, our online reporting system is robust and extensive.
Do you have multi lingual agent abilities?
Yes, primarily Spanish speaking. However, for those calls that require other languages we have a partner that interprets - many in this industry refer to it as a "language line".
Are the calls recorded?
Yes, all calls are recorded and available for you online.
Are you able to provide dispatch/scheduling/ordering services using our system?
Yes, we will be able to train all of our agents on any type of system/service that you provide us with.
How quickly can changes or updates be made if we need to update our scripting or procedures?
This depends on the extent of the changes, but most changes can be made within 24 hours
Are you HIPAA Compliant?
Yes, we are fully compliant and trained within all aspects of HIPAA law and regulations.
How much do your services cost?
It is contingent upon what services are purchased, what qauntity they are purchased in and a variety of other variables that must be defined in order to submit the best proposal for your needs.

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