Volvo Construction Equipment is one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction machines. With a full product range that is manufactured, serviced, and supported all over the globe, they have the right machine and the right solution for any job. Their clients take their production and profits further with Volvo wheel loaders, mini wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, wheeled excavators, standard and mini excavators, articulated haulers, motor graders, and skid steers. Each and every machine comes with the quality, performance, and safety that everyone expects from the Volvo brand.  Volvo Construction Equipment's website has a section for clients to fill out a form requesting more information. Volvo partnered with BPO American to call on these prospective customers, with a goal to gather further details and forward the information to Volvo dealers in the customer's local area. BPO American developed a series of questions and a system for rating the leads. A BPO American agent makes the initial call to the lead, and then rates them. Once the lead is updated in the Contact Management System, the agent will forward the lead to the correct dealer. If the lead is determined to be non-qualified, it is forwarded to Volvo Construction Equipment (corporate office) instead.As a result, Volvo Construction Equipment dealers are now receiving fully qualified leads that help them to service prospective customers while increasing their sales. Each lead includes specific information about the type of machine being requested, and any additional requirements or comments the prospect wants the dealer to know. BPO American's initial calls establish an immediate relationship that provides the dealer with a quality contact. 

The Cryoport Solution replaces outdated dry ice and virtually eliminates the risk of cell degradation in frozen shipping. It combines breakthrough technology of liquid nitrogen dry vapor shippers with the most advanced Logistics Management Platform in the industry.  Cryoport tasked BPO American with contacting entities all over the world to make them aware of this unique alternative to dry ice shipping.  

BPO American joined forces with eBay Motors, a division of eBay dedicated to the automobile industry, to generate solid leads. This resulted in a steady sales funnel for eBay Motors. Thousands of automobile dealers were called to follow up on a mailer and generate leads for the eBay Motor Dealers Specialists to close.

Our agents either warm transfer genuinely interested prospects to a dealer specialist, or submit a web form while arranging for a specialist to call the interested prospect back. By gathering marketing research information and cleansing the data list for future calls, we have developed a database to continue effective marketing techniques. To date our agents have educated dealers on the benefits of marketing outside their local market and increased overall sales for eBay Motors.

Founded in 1995, eBay (Nasdaq:EBAY) is the World's Online Marketplace for the sale of goods and services by a diverse community of individuals and small businesses. Today, the eBay community includes more than a hundred million registered members from around the world. People spend more time on eBay than on any other online site, making it the most popular shopping destination on the internet. 

In 1990 ProSource was developed in response to the needs of a special niche in the floor covering industry for the trade professional. To cater to this market, we developed our Showroom concept and opened the first ProSource Showroom in St. Louis, Missouri providing more than 25,000 flooring options from 250 top carpet, tile and flooring manufacturers.

The Showroom quickly became the ideal solution to meet the unique requirements of builders, remodelers, interior designers, contractors, rehabbers, real estate professionals, installers, architects and other flooring trade professionals to see wholesale or discount carpet, laminate floors, area rugs, tiles amount other flooring options.

ProSource Showrooms were opened in new markets across America, helping to create our immense buying power that in turn, enables us to pass the savings back to our Members. Pro Source works between flooring manufacturers and distributors to the trade professionals who need to buy flooring options or showcase them to clients. With this in mind ProSource decided they needed a partner in helping to keep in contact with their members who may go extended periods of time without making purchases. After careful consideration Pro Source decided that BPO American would be that extension of their company that they were looking for.

The goal of the relationship that BPO American has developed with Pro Source has been to help them reel in their inactive members. In doing so Pro Source has continued to see an increase in showroom traffic and increased sales too. This process has also been informative for Pro Source in that it has helped them to discover why some of their members have stopped doing business with them and discover new ways to market to them.

America's Auto Auction Inc. was formed with the purpose of operating wholesale auto auctions throughout the United States. These automotive auctions facilitate the sale and purchase of previously owned vehicles. America's Auto Auction offers a full spectrum of Dealer Services necessary to successfully complete the remarketing needs for both Buyers and Sellers. 

America's Auto Auction Inc. sought out a partner in an effort to grow to number of attendees to their weekly auctions and to keep their Dealers informed of upcoming auctions and special events. Since partnering with BPO American in May of 2008 BPO American has assisted America's Auto Auction Inc in raising the attendance, fielding any customer complaints or issues the attendee's may have experienced at a previous auctions, and provide them with the most current up to date contact information for the Dealers . 

Our agents are the liaison between America's Auto Auction and the Dealers who attend. Our Mission is to assist in keeping the Dealers updated and informed of upcoming auctions, special events, how many cars there will be available, special contests and awards. Our agents also keep the Dealer's contact information up to date and current to ensure America's Auto Auction maintains a current and accurate database.