Outbound FAQ

Are your agents US based?
Yes, all of our agents reside in the USA.
Do you have online reporting?
Yes, our online reporting system is robust and extensive.
Can I listen in remotely?
Yes, we can enable our clients to live monitor calls.
Can you design a specific database to meet my needs?
Yes, we use Intuit Quickbase as our database platform. The data is online and secure.
Do you conduct criminal back ground checks on your agents?
Our agents are screened thoroughly before being hired.
Are the rates inclusive of all reporting?
Yes, our rate includes online reporting, access to recorded calls and live agent monitoring.
Do you offer fulfillment services?
We do not have a warehouse and the associated logistics on site. We do however have partners in this space and we work seamlessly with them for clients who have specific fulfillment needs.
How do you continue to take and make calls in the event of a utility service outage?
Our primary servers are powered by backup power supplies that have the ability to run for days should an event occur. We also have backup phone systems as well as an independant virtual phone system should all our lines go down.