Web Chat and e-Mail

Web chatting is a convenient way for your customers to make contact with your company.  More and more businesses are going to web chat as an additional means of communication for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Sales inquiries - Allows for your visiting prospects to ask questions on the fly about your product or service.
  • Order confirmation and/or inquiries - Allows existing customers to quickly check on a shipment or the status of a recent order.
  • Tier 1 technical support - Allows a customer to ask a quick question on a product or service recently purchased or obtaining an answer on how to solve a problem.
  • Proactive Chatting - Allows our agents to proactively initiate a chat request based on variety of circumstances such as time on a particular page, number of times visiting a page, shopping cart check out and much more.


Typically this form of customer interaction is less expensive than traditional inbound calling. There are a variety of scenarios that need to be considered. For chat inquiries that utilize predeveloped or canned responses the costs are lowered. For chats that require research by the agent it then becomes a function of time. Please fill out the form below or chat with us now to receive a quote for services.


Reporting is very similar to traditional contact center reporting.  Our clients have access to the actual chat transcripts, how many chats are coming in throughout a given time period, the time spent by our agents chatting and how the chat was dis-positioned (what was the end result of the chat).  For those customers using chat as a proactive means of communication we have a variety of reports that demonstrate conversion rates (chats that result in sales) as well as customer response from the initial chat message.


It is not as difficult as you may think. We simply generate a unique URL that you or your web designer embeds into a an image on your web page. Once your customer clicks on the web chat link it alerts our agent who then responds with a friendly, customizable response. From there our agents can choose a variety of predeveloped messages or respond to your customers with a free flowing dialogue similar to the type of dialogue one would expect from a phone call.